Young People

At school, in the home and within the community, you may feel misunderstood, alone and disconnected. There are many challenges facing young people today. 
Counselling can be an effective way to get the help you need. By talking through issues in a safe and compassionate space, you can:

  • Begin to feel heard, understood and supported
  • Learn new skills to manage your thoughts, feelings and behaviours in healthy ways
  • Better understand both yourself and others
  • Find out about resources that may assist you

Everyone has their own unique circumstances and challenges, however some of the issues facing many today include:

  • Eating and body image issues
  • Depression, anxiety and panic attacks
  • Abuse and trauma
  • Self harm and thoughts of suicide
  • Bullying, relationship and friendship problems

Although the idea of trying counselling may be daunting at first, usually the experience is helpful, enriching and even fun! 
If you would like to find out more about counselling, please feel very welcome to call, text or email

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